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TerraTrike Trikes


Call for Availability & Updated Pricing.
Prices subject to change without notice.
Prices do not reflect shipping & assembly charges.Terratrike Rover

Terratrike Rover
$999.99 – 1399.99 MSRP

Terratrike Rambler
Terratrike Rambler
$1549.99 – 2249.99 MSRP

Terratrike Traveler
Terratrike Traveler (available 2015.  Taking pre-orders now)
$1799.99 – 2499.99 MSRP

Terratrike Tour
Terratrike Tour II
$1549.99 – 2249.99 MSRP

Terratrike Sportster
Terratrike Sportster
$2299.99 – 3999.99 MSRP

Terratrike Rover Tandem
Terratrike Rover Tandem
$2098.99 – 2397.99 MSRP

Terratrike Tandem Pro
Terratrike Tandem Pro
$4999.99 – 5399.99 MSRP


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