San Diego's Home for Recumbent Trikes & Accessories

Our Philosophy

We are a “Green” company at heart.  Sure, we reduce, reuse, and recycle.  That’s a given.  But like everyone else, we slip up now and then.  It’s easy to throw away a piece of paper or a cardboard box when it’s in the way and it’s not convenient to recycle or reuse it.  I (Hoppy) am probably a little eccentric in my ecological spirit in some eyes, but even I slip up at times.  That being said, our philosophy is to leave the earth in better condition than it was when we got here, since it was already in the process of being trashed by those who were here before us.  We can’t just “not do any more damage”.  We must clean it up before it’s too late.  Since OPEC isn’t going to stop producing until we stop consuming, we’ve got to at least reduce our consumption if we’re going to clean the air at all.  The auto makers are not willing to proactively “green up” our vehicles because we consumers want BIG, POWERFUL TANKS that can do the work of swiss army knives.

Tyrannosaurus, Inc. is confident that with the many HPV products we offer, including high quality recumbent trikes, bikes, handcycles, velomobiles and standard bicycles, we’ll encourage consumers to realize that we don’t need to destroy our environment and our health to enjoy the style of life that these petroleum powered beasts have provided for the past century.  In fact, quality of life can improve with the reduction in fossil fuel consumption, with cleaner air and water, and with better health that comes with more exercise.  For those who can’t live without that extra boost, and for those who just need a bit of extra help in their commute, electric assist motors are also available, such as the BionX, Crystalyte, and others, on trikes, bikes, and velomobiles.



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