San Diego's Home for Recumbent Trikes & Accessories

Our Mission

I began riding recumbent bicycles in about 1990, having built an Easy Racer from plans I purchased from Gardner Martin of Tour Easy, but fell in love with recumbent trikes in 2006.  My first 3-wheeled cycle was a Hase Lepus, a folding, rear-suspension, delta-style trike.  I loved that trike, and recumbent trikes in general, so much that I began T. Ryx in late 2006. I now sell both tadpoles and deltas, quality models from Hase Spezialrader, Greenspeed, ICE, Catrike, HP Velotechnik, KMX Karts, and TerraTrike/Wizwheelz.  In addition, I sell handcycles made by Hase, Greenspeed, and InvaCare/Top End.  I’m a Leiba velomobile dealer.  I will sell the Greenspeed Glyde velomobile again when the manufacturer resumes production at some point in the future.  I am now in the “R” phase of R&D for my own line of velomobiles.  I sell velomobiles under the Velocimobles division of the our corporation, Tyrannosaurus, Inc., and specialty bikes including hand cycles through PterraSoar Cyclery.  In 2009 we expanded our company to sell standard diamond-frame bicycles too, with our Bike Vault division headed by my son, Jeremiah.  (He didn’t like the dinosaur theme)

Although there are few other shops out there that specialize in recumbent trikes, the mission of T. Ryx is specifically notto out-compete any other dealers.  On the contrary, our goal is to make more people aware of the benefits of recumbent trikes, part of the category of pedaled vehicles commonly referred to as HPVs (human powered vehicles), and to increase the ridership everywhere.  Most other shops that sell recumbent trikes are mainly bicycle shops, although some specialize in recumbent bicycles.  Most sell only one or two trikes, typically brands that we don’t sell because of poor quality.  By selling and promoting primarily recumbent trikes, and specifically High Quality trikes, T. Ryx will also further its mission of encouraging a more cycling-friendly San Diego County and Southern California initially, and ultimately more nationally due to our affiliation with other organizations.



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