San Diego's Home for Recumbent Trikes & Accessories

About Us

T.Ryx (pronounced “tee – rikes”) is a play on both the words “Trikes” and “T. rex” (the dinosaur).  Our slogan: “Powered by the beast within…because fossil fuels are extinct!” is inspired by our desire to avoid our own extinction as well as that of the rest of God’s creatures with whom we share this planet.   As an environmentalist, I truly believe in conserving our natural resources, including non-renewable fossil fuels.  Of course we can’t expect to scrap automobiles across  the board  and go back to pedaling our way everywhere overnight.  But HPVs (human powered vehicles), including bicycles, velomobiles, and trikes are an obvious solution for many of our local transportation needs.  They even provide clean, long-distance transportation for those with the courage and the opportunity to make loger tours.  We’ve just got to change our mindsets…wean ouselves off petroleum and away from two tons of steel and plastic for running local errands.


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