Group Ride – Saturday, May 19

Hi, Evedybody!  (Hi, Dr. Nick!!!)

The Weather Lady (WL) is calling for sunny skies and temps in the 60s in the Ocean Beach area this Saturday, May 19, so let’s ride the Mission Bay Loop starting at Robb Field at 10:00, with the Rose Canyon/UCSD  side loop for anyone who is interested in adding some miles.  The side loop is optional, though.  If some riders want to ride it and others don’t, we can split up and at least one experienced rider will stay with each group.  Please arrive at 9:30 or so to set up and talk trikes (and bikes, and velomobiles…).  As usual, please LET ME KNOW BY FRIDAY EVENING IF YOU PLAN TO RIDE WITH US AND/OR AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE ON SATURDAY MORNING IF YOU’RE RUNNING LATE.  This is important so we can make sure we don’t leave without you.  Remember, this is a recreational ride, so no one gets left behind.  If you know the route and want to ride on up ahead, please let someone know so we don’t send out a rescue party when we discover you’re missing.  If you’re struggling, or have a mechanical failure, or are otherwise unable to keep up or continue on any of our rides, just let someone know and at least one other experienced rider will stay with you to help you get back in the saddle again, or to guide you back to the starting point if you prefer.

Remember, anyone can dehydrate on any ride, in any weather, so bring plenty of water and/or NRG drinks.  Bring snacks for a boost along the way, and bring flat repair kits and other tools you may need, sun and/or rain protection, and anything else you might want to make this an enjoyable ride.  If you have eAssist, remember to charge your battery (ies).  Keep in mind, we are not an official cycling club at this point, but all riders are required to wear helmets, obey all traffic rules/laws, yield to pedestrians, and be otherwise safe when riding with us.  But a key point is that we are riding to have fun, and get some exercise while we’re at it. During cooler weather (like this weekend), dress in layers.  As it warms up, you may want to remove a layer or two.  We’ll be burning calories, so that will warm us up, too.  In warmer and sunnier weather, sun block is critical.

**NOTE: Please keep in mind that you’re not going to be dropped (left behind) if you can’t keep up on our rides.  On the other hand, you won’t improve your riding skills or your health if you don’t push yourself at least a little each time you ride, whether with our group or on your ownThat is not to say that you should overdo it!  By all means, take breaks when you need them, and listen to your body!  But make sure someone else knows what you’re doing if you’re in a group.   It may take time for you to notice improved skills, weight (or in my case, girth) loss, faster average riding times, or other benefits of working harder, but it’ll happen.  Always simply coasting along or relying on your granny gears in all conditions is not going to help you keep up with the “big dogs” when the going gets tough.  (Getting faster is a good way to keep away from the real big dogs, too.)  When crossing some intersections or in other potentially hazardous situations, you may also need to be able to move quickly out of harm’s way.  Remember, it’s difficult for another rider to help you ride your own steed up a hill when you’re struggling.  The other rider will just be able to stay with you and give moral support.  On some hills, it may be best for everyone in the group to ride at his/her own pace and then meet up with the group at the top.  Bottom line: working at improving every time you ride will help you in a lot of ways.**

Robb Field is at the terminus of Bacon Street in Ocean Beach.  We park across from the tennis courts, a bit past the ball fields.  If you need further directions to the starting point, send me an email or a text message and I’ll give you all the gory details separately.  Alternatively, check with your favorite on-line mapping site, like Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.

Let’s try to make it a really big group this time.  New riders, even on upwrong bicycles, are always welcome, so bring your friends and families.

I hope to see a bunch of you on our ride this Saturday!

p.s.  Due to all the security breaches lately and all the garbage I’ve been receiving, I’ve closed my FaceBook and Linked In Accounts.  The T. Ryx account(s) remain open, but I don’t want a bunch of people from my High School and such trying to get me to play some Farm game and political crap or reminding me of why I didn’t like my HS years.  Sorry.

Bye, Evedybody!  (Bye, Dr. Nick!!!)

Terry Hoppy Dean




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